The project aims, by exchanging ideas, know-how, experience and good  practices, to develop and to pilot internationally innovative training  practices, methodical tools and a certification system, designed for adult  education sector stakeholders that seek to enhance their job market  opportunities by pursuing career in promotion of resource and energy  saving behaviour along with the Green Growth concepts in office  environment.


Eco Consultant



Focus area






   ENERGY                     TRANSPORT            PROCUREMENT            RESOURCES            INVOLVEMENT


The project aspires to contribute to recognition and validation of skills  and qualifications of New occupational profile “Office ECO Consultant”  as well as promote innovative E-learning and distance education.



Job profile of Office Eco Consultant is showing great potential as it is naturally evolving from the  current social, environmental and economic needs of modern workplace. The innovative  aspect in this project rests with the new office vision, which is eco-friendly, safe and attractive  for office workers.

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